Driver Vision Enhancer


The Trailblazer driver vision enhancer from Rheinmetall Electronics UK Ltd. improves the effectiveness of the driver and crew members by extending the view of the daylight spectrum via CMOS / LWIR Fusion. This is an advantage especially in bad weather, covert or poor lighting conditions.

Thanks to the very low latency of the driver vision enhancer, the driver can easily identify the terrain structure, avoid obstacles and optimize route selection.

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Independent wide-angle visual channels allow the crew and the commander to access a powerful surveillance and threat detection system.

The system is GVA-compliant and offers both digital and analogue variants that allow easy integration across a variety of platforms.

Trailblazer Driver Vision Enhancer
Trailblazer Driver Vision Enhancer

The driver vision enhancer is designed for driving under hatch in armored wheeled and tracked vehicles, where the field of view is usually severely restricted or compromised. However, other special vehicles such as Armoured Engineering Vehicles (AEV), Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARV) or Special Operations Vehicles (SOV) can also profit from this technology. Separate forward and reverse units ensure comprehensive system efficiency.

Video Fusion
Video Fusion

Due to its compact design, the driver vision enhancer can be easily integrated into new and existing systems. A variety of video interfaces such as HD-SDI (SMPTE 296M), PAL / NTSC, DEF STAN 00-082 are supported.

  1. Driver Vision
  2. Situational Awareness
  3. Mid-range reconnaissance
  4. other applications