The infrared headlight, flood light and searchlight solutions from Wiseled enable the best possible illumination at night for tactical usage. These are based on LEDs and lasers.

Xtruder RAVEN is probably the smallest, lightest and most ruggedized illuminator on the market complying with requirements for various land and maritime platforms.

Xtruder CROW and Xtruder FALCON are non-lethal, multi-spectral lighting packages that enhance the capabilities of weapon platforms and sensor systems to work beyond conventional limitations.

The IR capacity include wavelengths in the range of 810 – 1650 nm, from NIR to SWIR.

Xtruder RAVEN illuminator
Xtruder CROW multi-spectral lighting system

The systems can be integrated as a part of an EO/IR module or delivered with an analogue / digital control panel for seamless operation. It is easily integrated to existing platforms with RS422, RS485 or ETH interface.

It has multiple pre-fixed lens options which allows for focused or extended IR modes.

  1. Surveillance
  2. Support for camera based driver vision enhancers
  3. Weapon systems
  4. Usage with land and maritime platforms