About us

Our vision

Forcified was founded in 2019 with the aim of improving operational safety of soldiers during peacetime and in theatres. Our vision: Tailored vision solutions for the defense industry.

We focus on bringing together leading-edge technologies and adapting them to customer and user needs.

Our network combines vision technology from close area surveillance up to high resolution far distance reconaissance, from low-light, high dynamic day-vision and thermal camera integration up to video fusion.

Security and usability by delivering world-class solutions is always the focus.

Consulting based on practical experience

We see ourselves as an intermediary between visual specialists and vehicle manufacturers / integrators. On the one hand we know and understand the complex requirements of today’s military camera systems, on the other hand we actively participate within product development of different solutions.

Thanks to this mutual experience, you will find in us a counseling center that knows which system best suits your requirements.

Technical integration

We adapt the vision systems to your given structures. We deliver, both software and hardware, in the optimal form for you. Thus, the integration in vehicles / platforms succeeds smoothly.

You can put our solutions and the individual mechanical housings to the test. We are happy to accompany you on with a test integration at your premises.