Our camera systems

In our network of military vision providers you will find the camera systems that fit your needs. From highly dynamic daylight and thermal imaging cameras up to sensor fusion for usage in complete darkness.

High-resolution camera modules

The camera modules form the basis for the surveillance of the immediate area, directly around the vehicle, up to reconaissance by high-resolution remote sensing.

Camera modules

Surround View systems for perfect all-round visibility

The 360 ° Surround View system enhances situational awareness at a glance. By using intelligent software the driver gains awareness of the close perimeter of the vehicle in real-time.

360° Surround View

Camera systems for driving under hatch

The camera systems selected replace direct vision when driving under hatch. With extremely high resolution and color reproduction even in low light including thermal image sensor fusion. Designed for rear-view systems or reconnaissance systems, situational awareness or driver vision enhancer.

Driver Vision Enhancer

Reconnaissance and Surveillance

The Surveillance Solutions based on specialized Electro-Optical and Precision Motion Control Systems for Defense, Para-Military and Homeland Security (HLS) applications.

Surveillance Solutions